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About PayPal

Millions love PayPal and don't like credit cards.  PayPal is the world's favorite way of sending money online.  It is very secure.  (Our daughter worked many years for PayPal Fraud, so we know.) 

We offer PayPal to you as a secure way of ordering because many people love using it.  PayPal charges us 3% and we sell at the same Wholesale price that Youngevity charges us, so a 3% cost is significant to us. PayPal holds your money until we ship your order. So to us, PayPal is a costly service to offer you.  We do it anyhow.

We'll gladly accept your check of money order.  If you want to send us a check, we'll just put it in our bank and place your order with our credit card.  We won't charge for this service.

Other people prefer to send their money direct to Youngevity via credit card.  If that's your preference, please click the green Shop Youngevity button at the left. When you search there, notice that there are page numbers at the bottom. Use the pages to find exactly the product you like.

Whatever you desire, we will do our best to please you.  Your health is crucial to us.

We offer exactly the same price and terms to you, no matter how you pay for your products.

There are some new services, which we'll offer as soon as anyone wants one.  Give us 24 horus. 
They include:

Dwolla    PopMoney    ZashPay    Venmo    Intuit Payment Network    WePay    ProPay    PayMate    Skrill    Payoneer    Payza    MerchntInc    Google Checkout    Square    BlueSnap    Stripe    Allpay    Hyperwallet    Nochex    XOOM    As soon as I publish this, a few others will have joined.

Some of them can be expensive.  Others are very inexpensive. has a good writeup on them, with hyperlinks.  We'll bend over backwards to help you.  Cheers!

Or use your
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Youngevity requires you to use a credit card.  We don't feel the need for that restriction.

We accept any form of payment, even checks, credit cards, trades and BitCoin.  We want you to be healthy and don't want restrictions to stand in the way.